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Corporate Health

With our fast paced lifestyle, people do not have the time to ensure they maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle and to be kept up to date with the overabundance of dietary and exercise information expose to us in all forms of the media. Dr Marlene Tham can bring all this to your workplace in the form of educational seminars, workshops and programmes.

By creating a healthier environment in the workplace, not only will employees’ health and fitness improve but the company on a whole will benefit leading to increase productivity and hence increase profits. Benefits to employees include

  • Increase in staff satisfaction
  • Improvement in morale
  • Reduction in absentees
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • A sense of loyalty to their company as they acknowledge that they are looking after their health.

Dr Marlene Tham has a successful record in presenting health and weight management information having presented at both local and International conventions picking up “Best Presenter awards” along the way.

Corporate Services

1. Fitness and Health Assessments

We offer fitness and health assessments at your workplace to assess risks of obesity through a complete medical physical examination, exploration of risks to obesity and its associated medical conditions thorough a comprehensive history taking interview and metabolic assessment through blood testing to investigate health and well being. Each assessment tasks approximately 1 hour.

2. Health Promotion

A series on health promotion which includes the following hot topics

  • Demystifying Diets and exercise
    Discussion around the myths and facts regarding diet and Exercise (2 seminars)
  • Good nutrition
    Discussing all the elements and nutrients of a healthy diet
  • Workplace wellness
    How to perform at your peak at work and how to increase productivity
  • Say goodbye to stress
    Stress reduction techniques for work and home
  • Beyond the darkness
    How to recognize depression and how to beat it
  • Tubby kids
    Strategies to prevent childhood obesity
  • Fat metabolism
    How to maximize strategies to burn fat and modify shape
  • Busy Pros
    How to shop and cut corners in maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Steeple chase
    How to deal with hurdles and setbacks on your journey to good health

3. ReDefine™ Programme at your workplace

Dr Tham can bring the ReDefine™ Programme to your workplace for a comprehensive, medical and scientifically proven way to help manage your weight. Programmes can be tailored to suit your working hours and can be done individually and in groups.

4. Additional Services:

  • On site flu vaccinations
  • Group therapy

The aim is to ensure that your workplace has accessible, up to date and scientifically proven information and weight loss services to ensure that your working environment and employees are healthy, fit and educated in the comfort of their workplace.

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