Why Melbourne Weightloss

With the massive amount of information on diet, weight loss, exercise and health in all forms of the media, it is easy to feel overwhelmed and confused by all the information out there. Millions of dollars are spent every year on fad diets and ineffective products that do not have scientific research to prove that they actually work.

Melbourne Weight Loss is run by a medical doctor who investigates and treats all the medical conditions associated with being overweight. She works with a psychiatrist who has an interest in psychotropic weight gain, emotional and stress eating and depression and anxeity. Together they create an environment that delivers up to date and medically and psychologically proven weight loss methods.

Dr Tham will work and communicate with your GP or specialist if needed to ensure that your doctor is aware of the programme you are involved in.

The multi-disciplinary approach combines the fields of medicine, psychology, dietetics & sports science to create an individualised plan that is unique only to you and your path to redefining yourself.

Our services can help with:

  • Health, fitness and weight assessments

  • General health and well being

  • Weight reduction and fitness

  • Diabetes

  • High blood pressure

  • High Cholesterol

  • Heart disease

  • Sleep apnoea

  • Metabolic syndrome

  • Low self esteem

  • Body image

  • Binge eating

  • Emotional eating

  • Fertility difficulties due to weight

  • Post pregnancy weight gain


The Redefine Programme

Dr Marlene Tham